Sunday, February 17, 2013

The NRA Doesn't Speak For Me ....

.... EITHER!


  1. Right... like a friend of mine once told a manager at work, "Lemme know how that works out for ya!"

    Getting politicians to refuse cash donations from legally authorized organizations is like asking starlings to stop eating birdseed.

    You can ask. You can scream. You can demand. But they'll keep taking the cash, or eating the birdseed.

    The better plan would be to stop giving the money to the NRA in the first fucking place. There should be a concerted effort made to get respectable, reasonable people to divest themselves from that lobbying group, en masse.
    Then it wouldn't matter who the NRA funds, because the cash wouldn't be enough to make a difference.

    Cut off their cash flow, instead of worrying about what they do with it.

  2. "Hold On Thar, Babba-Looey!" What I said ... I mean ... what that guy SAID was the Sponge Bob Quote (as UN-Original as ever!, "Yeah? Well I Hope That Werks For Ya'!" and it was the PLANT Manager. You're right about money and politicians, though, especially since Citizens United. BUT there is HOPE ..... Caught Moyers and Company yesterday afternoon and was treated to a great show on that subject. Watch the first few minutes when you have the time ....

  3. I took the link and watched the first six minutes of Moyers' show, and you're right, that was an impressive litany of cash on the barrel politics. I hope to carve out more time this afternoon to catch the rest of that program, but right now I'm "discouraging" cowbirds from my sunflower feeders... seems to be a lot of lead poisoning in the backyard today, thanks to Ruger's handy dandy pellet rifle.

    Maybe we oughta require pols to wear NASCAR-type patches denoting which lobbying firms paid their way into office?

  4. So THAT'S where all my cowbirds are today. Just shoo 'em on back over here, Squatty ... all critters are welcome to feed here to Johnsonville during the winter months; even squirrels. I reductalated the squirrel popalashun so well last summer that there ain't enough big'erns to do any damage to my new cedar feeders. I think I may be past the kreetchter killin' part of my life, as well. But'cept fer skeeters, piss aints, spiders and the like. At least I HOPE I am ......

  5. Don't go all Mahatma on us, Beej... we might need the Hulk to show up one of these days.


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